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Nestro is Kerala’s largest developer and operator of solar photovoltaic projects. We have an unrivalled track record in working with landowners, businesses, local communities and homeowners, helping them produce clean electricity. We are passionate about the way electricity is delivered in the next decade and our solutions make it easy for our clients to choose cleaner, more affordable solar energy though safeguarding the environment.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be pioneers in delivering evolving technologies that improve people’s life and empower Nations. To become a valuable care taker of our customer is very important to us. And also to become a unique and featured solar power plant developers in the world.

Our Mission

Nestro plans to become a premier provider of solar energy products & cooperate. Worldwide to promote awareness of the potential of solar thermal concentration power to contribute to sustainable development & to the fight against horrible effects of Global warming.

Nestro Solar

Nestro solar is one of the smartest energy solution under the sun. Switch to Nestro solar in three easy steps. And the first step is free consultation, then Installation & Activation. Nestro provides free consultation and then we will install & activate the appropriate solar panel for you.

Solar Savings

The more electricity you use today, the greater your potential savings with solar will be tomorrow. Also the less shading have on your roof, the more solar energy you can produce. In Nestro Marketing, our solar panels generate 70% more energy in the space over 25 years.

  • Solar Thermal
  • Solar Roof Top
  • Solar Water Pump
  • Solar Charge Controller
  • LED Bulb
  • Flood Light
  • Solar Street Lights
  • Universal Power Supply
  • CCTV

Why Choose Nestro?

If you have rising cost of energy, a desire to go green, or a little bit of both, then you can choose us to install solar panels in your home. It good for you and the benefits are;

  • Certificate for AttendanceMr.Satheesh Kakkat

    Mr. Satheesh kakkat took part in the SMA Solar Academy Course on PV residential grid tied and off grid systems held from 19th to 21st January 2015.

  • iso certificationNestro Marketing

    ISO 9001:2015 certification is achieved by Nestro Marketing for Quality Management System and also for Marketing & Distribution of solar products.

  • Certificate for EmpanelmentNestro Marketing LLP

    Certificate for Empanelment as Channel Partner is achieved by Nestro Marketing LLP under Grid Connected Rooftop and Small Solar Power Plants Programme.

  • CDIT Certification

    Mr.Ayoob is achieved CDIT(Centre for Development of Imaging Technology) certificate for completing 2 Day Technical Training Program on Solar PV systems.

  • CRSIL Certification Nestro Marketing LLP

    Certificate for CRSIL is achieved by Nestro Marketing LLP for its capability in System Integrator of solar power rating for decentralized solar PV applications.

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