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Nestro is kerala’s largest developer and operator of solar photovoltaic projects. We have an unrivalled track record in working with landowners, businesses, local communities and homeowners, helping them produce clean electricity.

On-Grid/Grid-Tied Solar

This system send excess energy to utility grid and consumers can get compensation.Income by feeding excess generated energy to utility grid.
  • Widely used solar plant
  • Cost effective
  • High efficiency
  • Reduce electricity bill
  • Easy return of investment
  • Low maintenance

Off-Grid Solar plant

This system works independently without using utility grid energy and has battery backup to store energy for later use or at night.
  • Best for remote areas where grid supply and voltage are inconsistent.
  • No blackouts.
  • Self sustainable
  • More expensive compared to On-Grid solar system
  • Maintenance high

Bi-facial solar panels

Bi-facial panels are light sensitive on both sides. i.e, power can be produced from both sides of a bi-facial module.
  • More durable since both sides are UV resistant
  • High efficiency
  • Additional power generation of upto 30% than normal panels
  • Frame and frameless design
  • Mono crystalline cells
  • More energy production within limited space
  • Tilt angle can vary according to area condition for better production
  • Less degradation, hence maximum service life (more warranty)
  • Aesthetic interest

Micro Inverter

This mini inverter is connected under each panel for better output. They operate independently, so each panel perform better due to their panel level optimization. If one panel or micro inverter goes down, it doesn't affect other panels performance.
  • Easily expandable
  • More reliable, long life span
  • Low failure rate
  • Better monitoring
  • Easy installation
  • Better opted for complex rooftops and shaded areas
  • Can be used either with or without connecting to utility grid.

Power Optimizer

A power optimizer work along with a string inverter in an On-Grid solar plant. An optimizer is connected under each solar panels and thus power output of each panel is optimized independently.
  • Provide both system and panel level monitoring
  • Less expensive than micro inverter
  • High efficiency
  • No DC-AC energy convertion
  • Need supported string inverter

Hybrid Inverter

A hybrid solar energy system is one that is tied to utility grid but also has a battery bank to store energy.
  • Benefits of both Ongrid and Offgrid solar power plant
  • Increased battery life compared to Offgrid system


This ceiling fan can work either with AC or DC energy source. Electricity consumption low compared to normal induction fan.
  • Brushless and thus noiseless operation
  • Remote control with different speed settings.
  • No heating
  • Consistent output even with fluctuating input.
  • Work in low voltage

DC solar pump

The pump runs on a motor which operates on direct current (DC) powered by solar panels. It doesn't get affected by power cuts, low voltage, motor burning, etc.
  • Can install anywhere
  • Reliable
  • Few moving parts, hence low maintenance
  • Easy to operate
  • No need for battery or inverter or grid connection
  • Mainly used for irrigation purpose
  • Option to switch on and off manually

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